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The Chinese Medical Association (CMA) is a non-profit national academic organization in China. It is an important social force in the development of medical science and technology and a linkage between the government and the medical professionals. Established in 1915, the CMA now has 89 specialty societies and about 700,000 members in China.


Major Functions of the CMA include: developing domestic and international medical academic exchange activities; discovering, recommending and cultivating medical talents; editing and publishing 191 medical and popular science journals including print and electronic, books and over 3,000 products including audio-visual and digital; carrying out continuing medical education projects and training specialists; implementing medical project evaluation and review and as well as science and technology decision-making demonstration; selecting and presenting awards for outstanding achievements in medical science and technology; promoting transformation and practical application of medical research results; disseminating medical and health knowledge for the general public; organizing technical appraisement on medical malpractice and AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunization); undertaking the functions and missions entrusted by the government, and relaying suggestions and requests from the medical professionals to the government.


The current 26th CMA council was elected in May 2021, with Zhao Yupei as CMA President.


CMA Council

President: Zhao Yupei

Vice President: Wang Wei  Wang Chen  Wang Jian  Qiao Jie  Li Wusi  Li Weimin  Li Guoqin  Li Qingjie  Yu Yanhong  Chen Saijuan  Shang Hong  Zheng Shusen  Feng Guosheng  Gao Fu  He Jie

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