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Chinese-French Medical Week

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Chinese-French Medical Week (CFMW) was initiated in 1980 aiming at enhancing communications and cooperation between the two countries in the field of medical sciences. It was proposed by France-China Medical Exchange Committee during their visit to China in April 1979.
The first session of CFMW was held in China in March 31~April 14, 1980. A French delegation composed of 15 medical professionals was invited to give scientific lectures in China. Thereafter, France and China take turns to hold yearly CFMW in each country, which has been lasted for 30 years.
In the beginning, CFMW was named as Chinese-French Medical Fortnight (CFMF) and jointly organized by the Department of Health Service of Air France, the Servier Pharmaceutical Company and the Department of International Cooperation of Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China. Since 2006, CFMF was changed into CFMW and the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) was entrusted by the Ministry of Health of Health of the People’s Republic of China to take on the program of CFMF.  Afterwards, JMFC has been co-organized by the CMA and the Servier Pharmaceutical Company.
CFMW witnessed the establishment, advancing and tightening of the friendship between the medical professionals from both China and France. Especially in the beginning of the reform and opening-up period in China, it provides a valuable opportunity for the medical professionals at home to enhance their medical knowledge and skills, to learn the advanced science and technology from France, and to improve communication and cooperation in both clinical and research area. Many of the prestigious Chinese experts in cardiovascular disease, endocrinology and psychiatry have benefited from CFMW.
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