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Beijing-Hong Kong Medical Exchange

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Beijing-Hong Kong Medical Exchange (BHKME) annual conference was initiated in 1997 with the purpose of enhancing the cooperation in the field of medical sciences between mainland China and Hong Kong. BHKME is jointly organized by Chinese Medical Association (CMA) and Hong Kong Medical Association consecutively for 13 sessions. BHKME plays an active role in promoting the communications among medical professionals between mainland and Hong Kong, especially in the early days after Hong Kong having returned to the motherland.
BHKME has been held 8 times in mainland China and 5 times in Hong Kong respectively, featuring topics including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, climacteric, osteoporosis, andriatrics, HIV/ venereal diseases, community health care, psychiatry, respiratory disease, disaster recovery, adolescent issues and treatment-prevention-eradication of blindness, and so on. 
Except for Beijing and Hong Kong, BHKME is also held in other cities so as to help Hong Kong physicians to know more about the development of mainland in different cities. After the earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, the 11th BHKME was held in Chengdu to support the after-shock rehabilitation in October, 2009. In 2011, BHKME was moved to Wenzhou focusing on the theme of blindness.
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