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An Open Letter on Human Rights in China to the Secretariat of the World Medical Association

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20th April , 2021

Dear Prof. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, Chair of the Council, WMA and Dr. Otmar Kloiber, Secretary General of WMA,

We’ve noticed the statement in the Chair of Council Report, WMA that “China violates human rights”, which we believe is irresponsible and in disregard of the facts. We expressed our firm opposition to the adoption of the “proposed WMA Resolution on Human Rights Violations against Uighur People in China” at the 70th General Assembly in October 2020, challenging that the document did not meet the requirements of "procedural justice". "The Revised Report of the Credential Committee" explicitly specified that "The total number of votes of all registered and present online Assembly delegations is at present count 141. The number of votes required to adopt a document that is ethical in nature is 106 (a 3/4 majority) as stipulated in the WMA Bylaws. " While announced during the WMA General Assembly, the voting result for “Uighur Ethnic Group Human Rights Resolution” was only 85 votes in favor. The number of supporting votes did not meet the requirement of 106 (a 3/4 majority) . Therefore, it's a direct violation of the Bylaws of WMA that WMA secretariat announced the “Uighur Ethnic Group Human Rights Resolution” passed by GA voting. At or after the meeting, participants from some countries also expressed their concern that WMA had overstepped its bounds by addressing the Uighur issue.

We hereby reiterate that allegations in the “Resolution of the World Medical Association on China’s Violation of Uighur Ethnic Group Human Rights” are based entirely on reports of some NGOs that are full of loopholes and lack credibility, that it completely violates the scientific ethics of medical organizations, and that WMA should not become a place of individual members for political manipulation. Some countries and institutions disregard the facts, fabricate and spread lies about Xinjiang and Hong Kong, and slander and defame China. For these countries, politicizing and instrumentalizing human rights issues, manipulating human rights issues and interfering in other countries’ internal affairs are their old tactics. It not only interferes and stands in the way of international human rights dialogue and cooperation, but also tramples on and undermines the cause of the world’s human rights.

As healthcare workers, we are very clear that we should approach all matters in an objective and scientific way and never draw conclusions based on provocation with ulterior motives and unsubstantiated data or reports. In a friendly and sincere manner, we, as a national medical association representing millions of medical workers in China, sincerely and solemnly requests that the misrepresentation of human rights issues in China in the report of Chair of the Council be deleted .



Chinese Medical Association

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